The Paddle

The paddle is made from the wood from Canada’s great forests and each paddle carries an original Ojibway painting on its blade. At Algonquin Heritage we feel that our paddles are the quintessential Canadian tool. They make the perfect gift for the avid canoeist, cottage owner or collector of original Canadian art. From the times of ancient cultures through to the discovery of our great country by the early explorers such as Champlain and the North West and Hudson Bay companies the paddle has remained central to our growth as a nation and culture. It symbolises teamwork.  

Today’s outdoor enthusiast can continue to enjoy and experience a timeless piece of Canadian heritage offered by one of our unique paddles. Ideal as a corporate gift.

The hardwood paddle is made from a single piece of Cherry or Ash.  The paddle is hand crafted by Avery & Sons.

Avery & Sons have been making paddles, snowshoes, sleighs and canoes for trappers, explorers and canoeists on the edge of Algonquin Park for over 75 years.

The art is Original. Each paddle is hand painted by John Laford. John is a native Ojibway First Nation Artist who was raised in the wilds of Northern Ontario. His distant forefather was known to be a medicine man. John’s spiritual connection with Mother Earth was recognised at an early age and his visions of the natural world are remarkable. 

The paddle may be used for normal use, the art is inked into the wood and will last forever.